Lubrication technology for you

Our lubrication technology is tuned exactly to your requirements

We offer you lubrication systems for linear guides and ball screw drives as well as for open gears and chain drives of all types and sizes. You will find a few examples of the various application possibilities under application areas, more detailed information on our lubrication systems can be found in our product catalog. We would be pleased to advise you personally about a suitable lubrication solution for your application.

We will provide you with a non-binding lubrication concept adapted to the respective parameters. We also determine the exact individual lubrication requirements of the individual lubrication points. In close coordination with you, we realize the lubrication concept together. For us, subsequent modifications or changes are not a problem!

PU-lubrication (PU-lubrication wheels) – ideal for relubrication of open gears

For the relubrication of open gears of all types and sizes, our spur gears (straight / helical toothed) made of open-pore polyurethane foam are ideally suited. They store the lubricant and dispense it evenly throughout the rotation to the rack or drive pinion; excess lubricant is absorbed if necessary. Via a hollow axle (accessory), the PU lubricant, which does not transmit or absorb any torque, is supplied with lubricant (grease / oil) from the lubricator; by the contact of the gearing or the drive pinion with the lubrication wheel, the lubricant is delivered precisely and efficiently to the lubrication point.

In combination with our automatic lubricators, e.g. FlexxPump 400 DLS, which stimulates the lubricant (PLC), our approach of minimum quantity lubrication is consistently pursued: over-lubrication as well as a deficiency supply of the lubrication point is reliably and consequently avoided. This contributes not only to the saving of lubricants, but also to a considerable extent to the cleanliness of the systems. Our lubrication dents are designed for longevity: since they do not harden even when they are in contact with the lubricant, they do not require any exchange.


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