We manufacture models for special drives on specific customer requirements – we approach your request quickly and individually!

WMH Latsch serves a highly specialized niche market. Toothed bars, toothed wheels, bevel gears, screw sets, special chain wheels and other tailor-made drive elements are among our products. In five roughly 4,000 square meters of production halls, machines from the areas of production include sawing, turning, milling / drilling, gear cutting, hardening, grinding and quality control. The sequenceis planned by specific software and programmed by the employees on the machines
according to work plans. No product series is the same. It is customized,
customized to the needs of the customer and worked in a timely manner.

We are an outstanding specialist in gearing technology. The contact with our customers is personal, stable and transparent.
Quality control

WMH Latsch produces drive elements and transmissions in all desired shapes. The raw material for this is bought in the form of blanks and turned into Latsch on ultra-modern machines, toothed, honed, riveted and hardened. Every part goes through the quality control and is checked multi-layered. Many of the products manufactured to specific customer requirements are "unique".

Quality can not be tested but must be produced. Our highly qualified specialists work with great responsibility, so that each individual component meets our highest quality requirements.
Certification – DIN EN ISO 9001

Our products are submitted inside to a high-class control which is documented. This control is supported not only after the norm DIN EN ISO 9001 Certification, but also by our long-standing experience in the market.